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November 2, 2020 • New Podcast

New Podcast - Daniel Kolenda: Off the Record

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda has recently launched a brand new podcast, "OFF THE RECORD." Search for it on your favorite podcast app or watch on Youtube! Visit ASKDK.COM for more!

November 1, 2020 • School of Worship 2021

School of Worship 2021

Next year Christ for All Nations is for the first time launching a SCHOOL OF WORSHIP at our global headquarters in Orlando, Florida! This school is a one-year intensive training geared to challenge even the most seasoned musicians and worship leaders, while also providing foundational training for those looking to better themselves and perfect their talents in musical arts. It will be led by Leonard Jones – a living legend in the world of worship.

October 28, 2020 • Mark Your Calendars

Fire Conference 2021 - The Come Back!

On January 28th-30th we are holding a historic gathering in Orlando, Florida. We have invited anointed preachers and teachers like: Todd White, Eric Gilmour, Brian Guerin, Michael Koulianos and others to join Daniel Kolenda and our CfaN team – along with anointed worship from Eddie James, Leonard Jones, Jenny Weaver and Naomi Akuchie-Cantwell. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS unforgettable time of prayer, worship, powerful ministry and life-changing impartation.

October 13, 2020 • Pre-Order Today

Slaying Dragons Limited Edition by Daniel Kolenda

An extremely limited number of this unique, black-cover edition are being printed. Slaying Dragons is a practical guide to spiritual warfare. In Slaying Dragons, you will take a deep dive into the following subjects: Angels and Demons in the Bible, Where the Dragon Gets His Power, The Cosmic Battle, Spiritual Warfare Demystified, How to Kill Your Pet Dragon, Casting Out Demons, and much more!
"It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture as we focus on our everyday struggles. But our daily battles are part of a much bigger war and we have been given all we need to win."
— Daniel Kolenda

October 5, 2020 • Week 3

Bootcamp Initiation - Week 3 – Tanzania

See reports from the third and final week of the CfaN Bootcamp Initiation Trip.

September 25, 2020 • Week 2

Bootcamp Initiation - Week 2 – Tanzania

See reports from week 2 directly from the Bootcamp graduates as many are giving their hearts to the Lord!

September 14, 2020 • Week 1

Bootcamp Initiation - Week 1 - Tanzania

See all of this week's images and reports directly from the Bootcamp graduates as they preach the Gospel and pray for the sick in Tanzania.

September 1, 2020 • Slaying Dragons

Slaying Dragons 8-Week Bible Study by Daniel Kolenda

Starting on Friday, September 4, 2020, we are going to study the topic of spiritual warfare for the next EIGHT WEEKS.

The supernatural realm is very real, and it directly impacts our day-to-day lives. Often spiritual battles lie behind our everyday struggles. Though the spiritual world is invisible, we are not unaware of the enemy’s schemes. Through God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit we are equipped to be more than conquerors through Christ!

By the end of this FREE, 8-week, series, you will have a clearer understanding of spiritual warfare and what you can do to slay every dragon you encounter!

August 5, 2020 • Operation Fresh Milk

What Comes After the Altar Call?

As we prepare for our upcoming campaigns later this year and into 2021, I wanted to share with you a great opportunity where you can directly impact the lives of potentially millions!

In our massive campaigns, our job is NOT FINISHED when people raise their hands to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, but that’s where it all BEGINS – with OPERATION FRESH MILK 2020!

When you read the words of Jesus where He gave us what is commonly called ‘The Great Commission’ (Matthew 28:19 & 20) - you immediately see that our job isn’t finished with “soul-winning.” The Lord instructs us to “make disciples of all the nations” . . .“baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” . . . “teaching them to obey ALL the things I have commanded . . .”

When we make an altar call in Africa, we do not ask the people to come forward as the crowds are too large. That’s why we position hundreds of trained counselors from local churches all over the campaign grounds to connect with every person who personally responds to the invitation to be “Saved” and “Born-Again.”

July 1, 2020 • Evangelism Boot Camp 2021

Equipping Evangelists for a Decade of Double Harvest

If you are called into evangelism, especially mass evangelistic crusades in the nations, what I’m about to share with you is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will never come around again! I’m looking for a small, elite group to train this coming year - this coming January.