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Freedom From Debt

FREEDOM FROM DEBT is filled with real hope and promise for your financial well-being! If you long for financial freedom, if you want to live a debt-free life and begin to move into financial abundance, Freedom from Debt will get you started!

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From Minus to Plus (Pack of 10)

Back in stock! In "From Minus to Plus", Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke's voice is as strong as ever, powerful and convincing as he breaks down the ultimate purpose and effect of the Gospel - to destroy the works of Satan. Evangelist Bonnke is emphatic, "In Christ, minus is turned to plus, negative to positive. On the cross, darkness changes to light, death to life, hate to love, chains to freedom, fear to faith, despair to joy, brokenness to wholeness, hell to heaven."

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The Judgement Seat of Christ

Rediscover the amazing TRUTHS that surround the Judgment Seat of Christ, one of the great forgotten treasures of Scripture. It is a theme central to the doctrine of the New Testament authors and especially to Jesus Christ Himself. Yet it is often missing in modern preaching and teaching.

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How To Receive a Miracle from God

The dynamics of the miraculous are the Word of God, faith and obedience. When these three are in place, miracles happen.

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Now That You Are Saved

Now that You Are Saved booklet is the actual follow-up booklet used at Christ for all Nations Gospel Campaigns around the globe!

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The Coming One

The world is continually seeking a great leader, someone to bring peace and unity to a divided global village. Jesus Christ is the one people are seeking, He is the "Coming One." Now you can learn what His coming means to a lost world.

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Assurance of Salvation

New in Christ? Know someone who is? Then you need this booklet! It provides the crucial link between salvation and discipleship and gives every new believer a firm foundation.

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Broken Bread #4

Bread is an essential food for our bodies. Jesus says: "I am the bread of life". HE not only provides food for the body, but gives Himself so that we can have life "more abundantly!"

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The Romance of Redeeming Love

This booklet reveals through Scripture God's unique and perfect Redemption plan. Creation was easy, but for our Redemption, God gave Himself.

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