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Faith - The Link with God's Power:

If you think you've learned all there is to know about faith, then you haven't read Bonnke on faith. While many preach about faith, Bonnke has put it to the test in over thirty years of ministry. He has raised millions of dollars, traveled around the world, and brought millions and millions and millions of souls into the Kingdom of God - by faith.

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Holy Spirit: Revelation and Revolution

He is real. He is powerful. He is the secret dynamic of a vibrant faith. He is the Holy Spirit, the agent of divine action on earth--and God's gift to you.

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Evangelism by Fire

"The evangelist is a man (or woman) with a driving urgency, not a man with two minds. The Gospel and nothing else on earth matters: neither fame, money, earthly pleasures nor life itself." - Reinhard Bonnke

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Raised From The Dead - Book (soft cover)

A truly amazing testimony of a man killed in a tragic auto accident, pronounced dead, then by faith in God's Word...Raised from the Dead!

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