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Creative Kingdom

Episode 120

This week join Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and special guest Scott Howe as they talk about the importance of sharing the gospel with the talents Christ has given you.

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  • Kingdom Creativity
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    Understanding Kingdom Creativity will help you to greater recognize God’s voice, to see Him working all around you, and make it easier to co-labor together with Him. It will make you more effective in your call, career, relationships, and in virtually every area of your life. It will cause you to walk in greater creativity and greater boldness.

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  • Kingdom Creativity + Artist Key
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    In addition to the book “Kingdom Creativity”, you will receive a hand-painted key as a reminder of your unique purpose. As Scott Howe says, "Every key is different, every key is unique. Every key is created to unlock something…The way to know what you are created to do is to connect with the Master Locksmith. He is the One who has all the keys.” *Please note because of the uniquely designed keys, the color and size you receive will be different than what is pictured.

  • Bundles
  • Kingdom Creativity + Artist Key + Globe
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    or more

    You will be blessed with these three special gifts that will inspire you as you discover more about Kingdom Creativity and how God has uniquely created you. In addition to the book “Kingdom Creativity” and the hand-painted key, enjoy this beautifully hand-crafted globe in your home or office! *Please note the actual color of the globe you receive may be different than what is pictured

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  • Monthly Ministry Partner - Africa Sings Worship (Signed CD)
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    Recorded live at Christ for all Nations' Gospel Campaigns in Africa, let the African rhythms and melodies on this CD stir you to praise and worship in a whole new way as you listen to hundreds of thousands lifting their voices like a heavenly choir. You will receive a signed copy from Evangelist Daniel Kolenda.

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