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Documented Decisions for Christ and Counting


Here you can find edifying and empowering Bible studies written by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda. You can find a selection of their multi-part studies here or you can register to receive the latest study right in your inbox about every two weeks!

With decades of combined ministry, both have been able to perfect many messages on evangelism, but also it has given them insight into how God works – particularly in the areas of faith, the Holy Spirit, and discovering God’s will.

You will be blessed as well as challenged by each of these studies. This is fresh manna from the throne and we encourage you to prayerfully study along with Daniel Kolenda and to share each insightful study with those you know.

The Valley of Brokenness

Live Before You Die - Part 5

God’s eternal glory will penetrate the natural world through broken men and women. And when the kingdom of God comes into contact with the fallen world, we begin to see heavenly effects: the sick are healed, the dead are raised, bondages are broken, and the supernatural begins to happen.

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The Grace comes with the gift

Live Before You Die - Part 4

The principle is simple but very profound, and Ephesians 4:7 encapsulates it: “But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.” The grace comes with the gift!

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God Is Interested in Our Journey, Not Just Our Destination

Live Before You Die - Part 3

It seems clear that God is interested not only in our final destination, but also in the journey. Because on that journey He does a work in our lives that has eternal value.

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How Do I Recognize God's Will? Pt.1

Live Before You Die - Part 2

God will never call you to do anything that is contrary to what is in His Word. If we will learn to line our lives up with God’s Word, you will be amazed at what starts to fall into place.

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Does God Really Have a Plan for My Life?

Live Before You Die - Part 1

God does have a plan for your life! And not only that, but it is a good plan; exceedingly, abundantly above anything that you could ask or think.

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Jesus' first miracle

Water into Wine

I’m going to share some thoughts with you on the first miracle that Jesus did. I am sure that it will bless you!

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What do you think God sees, when He sees you?

God, the Master Artist

Our God is the architect of the universe. He spoke the worlds into existence yet - at the same time - He saw every detail down to the smallest particle while there was still nothing. He crowned His creation with a masterpiece, which was highly distinguished because it was ‘handmade’ by the great creator. He crafted Adam with His own hands and breathed into him through His very own mouth.

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Book Excerpt

Godly Gems

Godly Gems is a collection of Reinhard Bonnke’s writings that he personally curated before he died, taken from the entire span of his ministry.

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Bible Study

What makes the Cross what it is?

The sign of the cross is the most powerful symbol in the world. The death of Christ is the pivot of time, the Rock that never rocks, standing in the sea of history, with the waves beating against it but never moving it. It is our sole but abiding hope.

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Why do we go through the desert?

If you go through difficult times

We are hedged in (pressed) on every side - troubled and oppressed in every way - but we're not cramped or crushed; we suffer embarrassments and we're perplexed and often unable to find a way out, but not driven to despair; we are pursued, persecuted and hard driven, but we're not deserted to stand alone; we're struck down to the ground, but never struck out and not destroyed.
 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

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