A message from Daniel Kolenda about COVID-19
Salvation Decision Cards and Counting


Evangelist Daniel Kolenda shares the exciting vision for a Decade of Double Harvest!

In 1987 we first began counting our individually signed, salvation-decision cards and, to date, we have reached OVER 79+ MILLION SOULS!  That’s THREE DECADES OF MINISTRY averaging 25 million souls per 10-year span and we’ve been praising the Lord and giving Him all the glory.   

Now, the Holy Spirit has clearly communicated and confirmed something exciting, amazing and challenging for Christ for all Nation's future. The Lord has now commissioned us to mark the NEXT 10 YEARS as the “DOUBLE HARVEST DECADE” and move forward to 150 MILLION SOULS saved.

In other words, we want to DOUBLE THE 75 MILLION and reach that many more souls in the next 10 years and match what we’ve seen in the first 30.


To “DOUBLE-DOWN” means to become even MORE tenacious, MORE zealous, and MORE resolute in an undertaking. 

This DOUBLE HARVEST DECADE will affect every part of this ministry and there will be many, crucial and impacting ways YOU can be involved.  As we continue to seek the Lord, we are making plans, setting goals, and detailing all of the ways you can join with us!

Moving forward with this vision will require us to lay the groundwork now with: commitments, budgets and resources that we just don't have in hand. But we need to begin now.

Please ask the Lord what He would have you to do today to sow a "Double Harvest Decade" Seed into the soil of this commission!