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Episode 168

Last aired on Jun 23, 2024

A Tale of Three Dreams

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda shares the vision of the ministry through a series of three dreams. Watch and be encouraged by this special broadcast, as you discover how you can move forward with us in this Decade of Double Harvest!


Episode 133

Last aired on Jun 2, 2024

Holy Spirit: Are We Flammable or Fireproof?

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda welcomes special guest, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, to share from his book, Holy Spirit: Are We Flammable or Fireproof? They also discuss their amazing gospel crusade in Lagos, Nigeria.


Episode 163

Last aired on Jan 21, 2024

Worthy - Part 1

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda sits down with worship leader Eddie James, to discuss the heart of worship, and our new album, "Worthy", recorded live at one of our African Gospel crusades.


Episode 165

Last aired on Nov 28, 2021

Legacy of Harvest

Enjoy this special tribute to Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke's life and ministry. Learn how God raised up Evangelist Daniel Kolenda to continue the mission to preach, even on the day when Evangelist Bonnke received his eternal reward!


Episode 130

Last aired on Nov 14, 2021

Healing One Cell at a Time Part 1

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda sits down with Dr. Gordon Crozier to discuss health and wellness. Dr. Crozier is a specialist who addresses illnesses on a cellular level. Instead of just treating the symptoms of sickness and disease, Dr. Crozier focuses on the root cause of these ailments.


Episode 60

Last aired on Oct 24, 2021

Daniel Kolenda: Healing - SPECIAL GUEST: Art Thomas

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda welcomes special guest, Art Thomas and discuss his new DVD, Paid In Full, which focuses on healing through the blood of Christ.


Episode 166

Last aired on Oct 10, 2021

Slaying Dragons

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda shares a powerful teaching on how to be victorious in spiritual warfare, from his newest book, Slaying Dragons.


Episode 144

Last aired on Oct 3, 2021

Praying From the Heavenly Realm

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda sits down with Kevin Zadai to discuss how the natural and supernatural realms relate to each other. They also discuss the importance of being a witness of the love of Jesus wherever you go.


Episode 167

Last aired on Sep 26, 2021

Reckless Love

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda tells the story of the Prodigal Father to demonstrate the limitless, incomparable, and reckless love that God has for us in Christ Jesus.