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Episode 130

Last aired on Jul 13, 2019

Healing One Cell at a Time Part 1

Join Evangelist Daniel Kolenda as he sits down with Dr. Gordon Crozier!


Episode 142

Last aired on Jul 8, 2019

Trump, 2019 & Beyond

This week, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda sits down with Jeremiah Johnson to discuss the prophetic word he received concerning America and his newest book, ‘Trump, 2019 and Beyond’.


Episode 60

Last aired on Jun 29, 2019

Daniel Kolenda: Healing - SPECIAL GUEST: Art Thomas

Daniel welcomes guest Art Thomas as they discuss his new DVD "Paid In Full" which focuses on Christian Healing ministry. 


Episode 76

Last aired on Jun 22, 2019

Cultivating Intimacy with God

Join evangelist Daniel Kolenda as he explains the truths behind cultivating intimacy with God.


Episode 119

Last aired on Jun 1, 2019

Health, The Body & Christ

Evangelist Kolenda sits down with nutrition expert, KC Craichy, to examine his inspirational story of overcoming obesity, and how healthy living can be attainable to all.


Episode 133

Last aired on May 25, 2019

Holy Spirit: Are We Flammable or Fireproof?

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke shares from his latest book and discusses the Lagos, Nigeria crusade with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda.


Episode 145

Last aired on May 11, 2019

Power to Deliver

Join Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, along with Stephen Beauchamp as they discuss the topic of spiritual warfare, deliverance and his newest book, ‘Power to Deliver.’


Episode 144

Last aired on May 4, 2019

Praying From the Heavenly Realm

Today, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda sits down with Kevin Zadai to discuss the relation between the natural and the supernatural as well as the importance of being a witness of the Love of Jesus wherever you go.


Episode 143

Last aired on Apr 27, 2019

Light the Fire Again - Part 1

Today, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda sits down with Dr. Michael Brown to discuss the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the vision behind Light the Fire Again.