Episode 133

Last aired on Apr 21, 2024

Holy Spirit: Are We Flammable or Fireproof?

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda welcomes special guest, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, to share from his book, Holy Spirit: Are We Flammable or Fireproof? They also discuss their amazing gospel crusade in Lagos, Nigeria.


Episode 136

Last aired on Apr 14, 2024

Holy Spirit Encounters

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda welcomes director and film producer Darren Wilson, who shares about his experiences seeking the supernatural God, and how that impacted his beliefs, ridding him of all skepticism.


Episode 87

Last aired on Apr 7, 2024

From a Vision, to the Greatest Outpouring  - Pt 2

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda continues his interview with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, discussing how the ministry of Christ for all Nations grew from very small beginnings, to reaching millions of people all over the world. The Lord has used Evangelist Bonnke to expand the Kingdom of God in the continent of Africa and across the world, winning millions of souls, and seeing thousands healed, restored, and in some cases, even raised from the dead! However, these things didn't just happen overnight! He had to trust the Lord, and keep being obedient to follow the call of God on his life. Don't miss this opportunity to experience just what Jesus Christ has done, and continues to do through the ministry of Christ for all Nations.


Episode 124

Last aired on Mar 24, 2024

Holy Ground

Experience this one-of-a-kind LIVE praise and worship experience led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, with special guests, Roy Fields and Evangelist Peter Vandenberg!


Episode 134

Last aired on Mar 3, 2024

Breaking the Stronghold of Food

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda welcomes apologist, author, and radio host, Dr. Michael Brown, to discuss his book, Breaking the Stronghold of Food.


Episode 119

Last aired on Feb 25, 2024

Health, The Body & Christ

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda sits down with nutrition expert, KC Craichy, to examine his inspirational story of overcoming obesity, and how healthy living can be attainable to all.


Episode 144

Last aired on Feb 18, 2024

Praying From the Heavenly Realm

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda sits down with Kevin Zadai to discuss how the natural and supernatural realms relate to each other. They also discuss the importance of being a witness of the love of Jesus wherever you go.


Episode 130

Last aired on Feb 4, 2024

Healing One Cell at a Time Part 1

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda sits down with Dr. Gordon Crozier to discuss health and wellness. Dr. Crozier is a specialist who addresses illnesses on a cellular level. Instead of just treating the symptoms of sickness and disease, Dr. Crozier focuses on the root cause of these ailments.


Episode 164

Last aired on Jan 28, 2024

Worthy - Part 2

Join Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and worship leader Eddie James for part 2, as they continue discussing the heart of worship, and our new album, "Worthy", recorded live at one of our African Gospel crusades.